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-Gradient Effects | Visual Effects Artist

I am currently working at Gradient FX as a Visual Effects Artist including Camera Tracking, Houdini FX (FX , Lighting , Look-Dev, Camera Layout etc) and Compositing for feature film and tv shows.


-Lighthouse Visual Effects Studio | Houdini TD

I have worked at Lighthouse Visual Effects Studio as a Houdini TD including Visual Effects Artist , Character Effects Artist  and Procedural Modeler. I can say that worked as a Houdini Generalist including Lighthing , Rendering also.  I have been participate several TV Commercial projects as Visual Effects Artist , Houdini Motion Graphix, Environmental Modeling so. Also worked on cartoon tv series called Saham in charge of VFX/CFX like cloth sims , fluid & pyro sim etc For Saham project i have created a procedural tree setup, procedural grass creator , procedural bush setup for whole city in Houdini and that became a studio tool that we used them for our Cartoon project.

-Creaore Creative Studio | Creative Director

I have worked at Creaore Creative Studio as a Creative Director with a Temporary Contract , We have done few works for government branch offices and municipality offices also. Mostly our work were Designs and Project Mappings, Motion Graphics. I have done all projects in Houdini Sidefx using power of Redshift rendering. Had experience with some challenging project mapping works which was nice to work and to be participate of them.

-GFDS Inc. | Houdini FX Artist

I have worked at GFDS Inc. as a Visual Effects Artist and Houdini Generalist including (Modeling, Texturing, Rendering & Compositing)  We have made projects for Turkish defensive companies mostly for War simulations, their weapon and defensive technology presentations. I had experience with 360 video , video mapping , VR video setups , camera tacking also. During the time working here i had a chance to get Houdini online training for 6 months. Experiencing with Redshift & Octane rendering most of the time and also had a chance to create few tools for the company with Houdini and Python

-Animax Aimation & Production Studio | Houdini FX Artist & CFX Artist

While the time i was working at Animax Animation & Production i had a chance to get training from Ephere Inc. for our feature film project because of we have done our movie on 3Ds Max and i was the Character FX Lead. So we used Ornatrix plugin for our movie called Birds Like Us. I was in charge of 55 character’s (bird) feather design and grooms. That was very challenging task for me to do but at the end of the day i was happy to deal with it. During the movie Michael McCharty (Ephere Inc.) were our TD and also Cameron Cricthon (Sub-zero Studio) were our General Director.

One of my creature feather design selected by Ephere Inc. for thier Ornatrix Version 5 Cover, that you can check it out from this link

Also i was working on Visual Effects department for our cartoon projects and worked for feature film project too. I have worked over 50 eppisodes of cartoon tv series named Keloğlan Masalları , Anka Anadolukartalı, Barbaros, Misket and youtube series Hungo Bungo. I have change to learn Houdini while working here and we had few small training from Sidefx.



Skill Set:

Houdini Sidefx: FX tools (Fluid, Particles, Dynamix, Rigid Body Sim, Cloth, FEM, Grain, etc) Hair & Groomig , Procedural Modeling, Motion Graphix, VOP/VEX , Rendering (Mantra, Redshift, Octane) Mucsle System, Bone Rigging, Compositing

Unreal Engine: Import and arrange my houdini assets , Creating environment, materiel, particles

Nuke: Compositing, Color Grading , Clen-up

SpeedTree: Tree design and dynamix

Mudbox: Sculpting , Texturing

Substance Painter: Texturing

Mari: Texturing

3D Max: Environmental & Architectural Modelling, Ornatrix Hair & Fur system, Vray Rendering

PfTrack: Camera Tracking, Clean-up

Marvelious Designer: Pattern Design (Had experience with couple textile companies)


Who Am I?

Sercan Yaşar

VFX Artist

Sercan Yaşar

Sercan Yasar is a Los Angeles based Visual Effects Artist , Character Effects Artist And Procedural Environment Artist. Half of self educated , half of art educated and fell in love with CG Industry.
For more information just hit me up from yasar_sercan@yahoo.com

For more information just hit me up from yasar_sercan@yahoo.com

Los Angeles


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